Different Styles Of Pizza Found Throughout The United States

Thursday, August 26th, 2021
The Ultimate from 575° Pizzeria in Amarillo, Texas

There are many different styles of pizza made around the world, with at least 11 commonly found in the United States alone. Some unique pizzas defy labels while others mix styles to form a delicious combination. From Neapolitan to deep dish to Sicilian, there’s a lot to learn about America’s favorite food!


What it’s known for: Thin crust, rounded edges, fresh tomato sauce, high-quality mozzarella cheese, simple toppings (traditionally)

This classic style of pizza was developed around 300 years ago in Naples, Italy. One account says that when King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples, the queen requested pizza from local and renowned chef, Raffaele Esposito.

She didn’t like two of his offerings but did enjoy the one based on the new Italian flag. He requested to name it after her and was given a note with a Royal Seal. That pizza featured tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and basil. It’s likely that this story is just a legend, but no matter what the truth is of the tale, today’s Margherita pizza features all of these fine ingredients.

Although a traditional Neapolitan is considered both gourmet and comfort food, many chefs have taken steps to modernize this classic. They do this by adding adventurous toppings, different cheeses, and switching up the sauce.


What it’s known for: Rectangular shape, thick crust, sweet sauce, cheesy outer layer

This pizza is a thick and crispy option for cheese lovers. It features a sweet tomato sauce with garlic and minimal toppings. There is a variation of this type called Grandma’s, which is thinner and is usually made with olive-oil-infused dough. It is said to have originated in Long Island and spread in popularity through New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


What it’s known for: Very thick crust, a lot of cheese, various toppings, hard to eat without utensils

Originating in Chicago, this pizza features buttery crust and A LOT of toppings like veggies, meats, or both. When we say pizza pie, this style fits the bill of a pie. It is one to two inches thick and best consumed by more than one person. Contrary to what many people believe, stuffed crust pizza is not deep-dish, even though both styles feature massive amounts of cheese. Stuffed pizza is also not technically a deep dish, although it is as thick as one, or thicker!

New York-style

What it’s known for: Thin crust, wide slices, light sauce, crispy bottom

Breaking away from the thicker pizza styles, the New York style is another classic from the United States. Its thin crust is usually crispy on the bottom and is best served with fewer toppings for structural integrity. That being said, it is still thicker than Neapolitan. When you see someone eating pizza in a movie and folding it in half, it is likely a slice of a fresh New York pie.

Tomato pie (or Trenton tomato pie)

What it’s known for: Focus on the sauce, sometimes cheese replaces the sauce, sometimes served room temp

If you are a pizza sauce connoisseur, this style is for you. The reverse pizza of this type is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of the sauce, cheese forms the base on top of the crust, followed by toppings, and then the tomato sauce. Other versions only use a little bit of cheese on the top like Parmesan or Romano. Popular toppings include veggies like eggplant and peppers.

What style of pizza does 575° Pizzeria make?

At 575°, our style of pizza is a little different from others. Our pizza perfectionists make thin, crispy, artisanal pies with hand-tossed dough. Our signature chunky tomato sauce is made fresh and offers a new take on your favorite red sauce.

The dough and sauce are the foundation of a great pizza pie, but the toppings are important too! That’s why we offer a variety of traditional and innovative toppings. Here are just some of our favorites that help make pizza special.

  • Pepperoni (small, thin, and crispy)
  • Homemade meatballs
  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Shrimp
  • Anchovies
  • Black olives
  • Red peppers
  • Fresh jalapeños
  • Candied jalapeños
  • Mushrooms
  • Sliced baby heirloom tomatoes
  • Fresh garlic
  • Pine nuts
  • Capers
  • Pineapple (we’re not sorry)
  • Chili powder
  • Dried oregano

Ready to try one of our signature pizzas or create your own? View our Menu to see what we are cooking, and don’t forget to register for Rewards. Stop by one of our Locations to get a taste of 575°!