Here’s What Makes Gourmet Pizza So Special (And Delicious)

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

Pizza has been popular across the world for thousands of years. Standard pies usually have sauce, cheese, and a topping or two. Although that combination is classic, the process of making this food has developed into an art form.

What is the difference between regular and gourmet?

The two main differences between regular and gourmet pizza are quality and options. This is not to say that regular delivery pies are of poor quality, but gourmet restaurants often use fresher and higher quality ingredients. They allow for more creativity as well. You can choose from different sauce types, crusts, and toppings, as well as various sides and beverages. There are even gourmet pizzas that feature differing cuisines from around the globe.

Here are some examples of gourmet pies we love to make here at 575°.

  1. The Tomaino: This gourmet pie starts out simple, with red sauce and mozzarella cheese. We add a pop of flavors with pepperoncini and our homemade meatballs!
  2. The Rage: We use red sauce, mozzarella, and goat cheese as the foundation for this pizza. On the top, we add bacon, fresh jalapeños, and a surprising (yet delicious) choice of candied almonds.
  3. The Green Striped Piggy: This white pie features olive oil, four kinds of cheese (mozzarella, feta, parmesan, and goat cheese), bacon, and green chiles.

Gourmet pizza is made with more care

Those who create unique pizzas typically put a lot of thought into them. From the very first idea to production in a restaurant, they are aiming to make something special. Ingredients are fresh, the dough is made-from-scratch, and the cheeses are of the highest quality. If these standards are not met, a gourmet pizza can quickly turn into a mediocre meal.

Other choices at artisan pizza restaurants

When you go to a gourmet pizza restaurant, you can expect some other features that regular places don’t offer. This includes other types of food and beverages. You’ll find that the same care was placed in choosing drinks (like wine and beer) and making desserts that you see in their pizza.

Starters, salads, and sides

You can get sides with your regular delivery pies, like wings or bread. But, these usually aren’t the tastiest or healthiest options. Gourmet pizza restaurants often offer tasty sides that aren’t covered in grease, like Caprese, brick-fired bread, and spinach salads.


If you like pizza, you may also be a fan of pairing beer or wine with this food. Gourmet establishments provide tasty craft beers, delicious wines, and even house-made drinks. When you go in to eat their pizza, consider asking which beverages will taste the best.


Gourmet pizza restaurants are actually good at making delicious desserts too. You can enjoy fresh sweet treats like cheesecake, cannolis, brownies, and ice cream. Whether you are feeling bold or traditional, you are sure to find a dessert you enjoy. We offer a starter of cinnamon bread for those who prefer dessert before dinner.

Looking for gourmet pizza in Amarillo?

At 575° Pizzeria, we love making pizza for people. We only use the freshest ingredients to create our pies, starters, salads, and desserts. We also serve up delicious craft beers, wines, and house-made sangrias. Check out our Civic Circle and Hillside location Menus to see what we are serving up, and don’t forget to register for Pizza Perks. You can also call us at 806-322-5575 to place a to-go order.

And coming soon, you might see our pizza truck roaming the streets of Amarillo or the highways of the Panhandle! You’ll also have the opportunity to grab a 575° pizza in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with our new location going in on Eldorado Parkway in Little Elm. Come get some of our gourmet pizza wherever you find us!